Son by Four

In 1996, a group was formed by brothers Carlos and Jorge Montes and their cousin Pedro Quiles. When Ángel López came into the group, Son by Four was formed.

In their second album, the group had International success when their song “A Puro Dolor " became a # 1 hit in Latin music worldwide. At the same time their English version was a hit throughout Europe, especially in Spain. It was played on radio stations throughout the world including faraway places such as Thailand, Singapore and Japan. But with worldwide success and fame came problems.

All our dreams had become a reality but in our time of unbelievable success and awards came envy and jealousy; which ended it all in a dispute over the rights to the name Son by Four and Angel Lopez left the group.

The world could not fill the emptiness in our lives.

Meanwhile we fought in vain to recover what we had lost. Little by little we realized not to fight against the human forces that had made this happen. We realized that The King of the Universe had glanced upon on three soles, unexperienced and unworthy. He had a plan much more important for us.

Jesús made his triumphant entrances into our lives and put and end to our vanity, our desire for fame and recognition throughout the world. But, most importantly he brought resurrection to our lives.

He promised that through Baptism that one day we would be part of the village of God and all that belongs to Christ, since the beginning, would be reclaimed.

Now, Son by Four belongs solely to Christ and his church and from the parish in Ciales, Puerto Rico we are sending the world one testimony, without armor, but anchored on that one Rock that continues to topple giants: Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Through Baptism, those who live for our Father will receive the grace and the peace of Jesus Christ and the Spirit that sanctifies us forever, Amen

With Love,
Son by Four

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Anonymous said...

i still dont understand what happened to son by four.whats reggaeton??